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Robots are coming! They may already be here, taking our jobs and silently plotting to become our cybernetic overlords! Yeah right. Everyone knows that technology performs poorly in the field. Instead of taking over, it’s more likely that robots will simply break down and beg us to restart them instead.

Call for Art! Robots! @Fiction Science Gallery

Fiction Science Gallery is seeking works with and about Robots! to hang in the gallery in late July through August. Paintings, drawings, photography, video, prints or wall mounted assemblage are all perfect for the gallery walls. Real robots are OK as long as they aren't the "killer robot" kind intent on the destruction of all humans.

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2017

Contact DC Spensley:

Artwork drop-off ready to hang: July 22, 2017 11AM to 1PM

There is no fee for submission.

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Here are some of the artists that have been featured at the FicSci gallery. 

Annie Walker

I believe in the journey of art. In the process of painting, it’s a voyage inward. With each stroke, new realms are discovered in the mind, new ideas, new experiences, new universes. Then, through the brush and palette knife, the realms emerge as reality on canvas. If I’ve fulfilled my […]

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Beth Davila Waldman

Beth Davila Waldman was born in Princeton, NJ in 1975 to a Peruvian mother and a New York architect father. As a child, she quickly learned to define site as home as her parents moved her from Princeton to Cincinnati, Cincinnati to Houston, Houston to Florence, then back to Houston […]

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Billy Douglas

My first experience behind the camera was at the Louisville Zoo, while on a fifth-grade field trip with my class from Mercer County Elementary School. With my Polaroid Swinger, I photographed two seals swimming in a concrete pool. From then on, I knew reality was subjective and could be re-arranged. […]

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Brian King

Brian King is a New Genres artist primarily working in sculpture, video and photography using everyday objects to explore their symbolic value. This most recent body of work explores manila rope as a medium, primarily as an historic signifier, but also for its textural and tensile qualities. After working for […]

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David Scott Bruce

I paint for the visceral alchemy in layering inanimate glops of color that express evolving meaning. I begin with intent. But I allow the nature of the brush, and the day, to reveal something new. What emerges is always a surprise and sometimes a wonderful pleasure, an allusion to depth. […]

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Deidre DeFranceaux

Deidre DeFranceaux is a painter and sculptor residing in Santa Rosa, California. Her figurative paintings, portraits, sculptures, and kinetic sculpture installations are internationally and nationally exhibited and collected. She received her AA from the Maryland College of Art and Design, her BFA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, and […]

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Jenene Castle

Jenene Castle is a New Media Artist currently practicing in Silicon Valley. Having sparked an interest in sociological work, her artistic approach revolves around the conceptual ideas of what gaming, interactivity, mixed reality, performance, technology, and video art can do to create a dialog with the participants.

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John Farnsworth

John Farnsworth is a graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design and currently lives in San Francisco, California. Working primarily in acrylics, he depicts Northern California landscapes, both rural and urban, painting outdoors whenever possible, creating studies and smaller pieces, saving studio time for larger interpretations and still life […]

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Laurie Halsey Brown

Laurie Halsey Brown is a interdisciplinary artist that connects people to places, and the Director/Founder of senseofplace LAB. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts. After which, she lived in New York City for ten years before moving to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for five years. She has […]

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Liesa Lietzke

Liesa Lietzke is a San Francisco Bay Area based artist and curator. Her studio work has been exhibited at Deitch Projects Art Parade, Art Basel Miami, The Oakland Museum of California, The Lab, Krowswork and other venues. Her 2013 curatorial project brought together artists addressing an array of issues raised […]

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Steve Bauer

Steve Bauer, aka s_tay_bahn on Instagram Born in Louisville, KY, graduate U of L.. Bay area resident since 1976. Plays drums and likes to have fun.

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Yumika Tanaka

Yumika Tanaka is a digital media artist and designer in San Francisco Bay Area. She was born and raised in Japan until the age of nineteen, and she has lived in the United States ever since. In 2013 she was awarded an MFA in Digital Media from CADRE Laboratory for […]

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